For Founders

We help founders build a compelling, data-driven, fundraising story for post-seed rounds without pitch decks!

We enable founders to build their own visual fundraising dashboard and then benchmark their data with industry averages . This includes: 1. Startup performance metrics and ratios, 2. Fundraising and valuation metrics, and 3. Investment terms and cap tables. We also help them build scenarios and play with the numbers to decide on the best amount to raise and when to raise it. 

We ask founders several questions to collect specific data points for our algorithm to match them anonymously (without revealing startups names and profiles) with investors who are looking for similar data points in their investment criteria.

Founders can also receive comments and advice from investors based on the available anonymous-startup-data on what to improve before opening up a fundraising round. By this we help startups avoid wasting time pitching to too many VC, avoid being shopped around, test investors interest, and collect valuable feedback without revealing the startups or founders names. Users can upvote a comment or advice if it adds true value. Comments include: when to raise (now or later), what metrics to achieve before raising, how much to raise, equity or convertible bridge and other fundraising related advice. 

When a match is found, founders can choose to open up the round and reveal the name and full profile of the company, and then have meaningful meetings with interested, smart, data-driven investors. Otherwise, founders can choose to postpone opening the round until their data is improved.

So instead of sending a pitch deck to a 100 investors, and then meeting with 10s of them, founders just share their startups' traction data anonymously, and we our algorithm does the hard work of finding a match and connecting founders with serious investors. If there is no interest from any investor, there is no harm, the startups are not shopped around, no one knows the names of the founders or the names of the companies.  

For Investors

For investors, is the data-driven deal sourcing platform. Investors setup their analytical selection criteria (example: Saas in USA + LTV/CAC > 3 + free to paid conversion: > 15%, Val: < 10m, founders been together for > 5 years, ex-ABC, etc.. ). Then the Algorithm matches them with anonymous startups that fit their criteria.

Investors can follow matched startups, share their investor-profiles with the founders and ask founders to reveal their profiles. It also notifies investors on open funding rounds to participate in based on their own criteria.

Investors can also rate, comment or answer questions from anonymous founders on available startup data to build meaningful connections with founders. Comments: include when to raise (now or later), what metrics to achieve before raising, how much to raise, equity or convertible bridge and other fundraising related advice.