Most VCs expect founders to run after them and waste so much time pitching to too many VCs. Then, they say the deal was shopped around too much!

We believe pitching is a waste of time and resources, founders should spend that time building their products and companies, not trying to perfect their pitch decks and please VCs.

Most VCs pass on great startups because they say VC is more art than science! They personally judge founders and ideas based on their gut feelings and their personal ability to detect trends! Yet, ALL VCs tell stories about their anti-portfolio companies and how they missed out on this or that unicorn!

We believe investment decisions for all post-seed startups should be data driven, a science more than art!
We help stop Startup Prostitution! 

Smart investors don't really need a pitch deck for post-seed startups! Here is why:

  • They can go to the company's website to learn more about the concept, product, target customers, pricing, etc…
  • They can (or ask someone to) use the product or software to get an idea on how good or bad it is,
  • If they are good enough, they should research on their own who the competitors are, how the company is different, and what is the competitive advantage.
  • They should also research founders on LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, GitHub, etc… to learn more about them, and find common connections for recommendations.
  • They have access to more market data and stats than founders do! Basically form other pitches they receive everyday!
  • They consider financial projections as pure Sci-Fi, so there is no need to waste time on them!
  • Other factors such as team personalities, founders potential, and other qualitative information should be reflected in the quantitative data of a post-seed startup. Why do we still talk about founders "Charisma" when we always get surprised by how crazy and unusual successful founders are?! What is usual anyway?

The only thing they really need in order to make an investment decision is primarily the Startup Actual Traction Data.

At, there is no more personal judgments, there is no more pitch decks, there is no more running after VCs. From now on VCs run after founders!

We’re turning VC on it’s head!

We're a data-driven VC platform for startups raising post-seed rounds.

We believe in data not in personal preferences and gut feelings. 

We believe in data not in connections and referrals!

Whether you're a founder or an investor, if you believe in what we believe in, join us at: and learn more about how it works here: